How do I fix download errors when I sync Quicken with my USBank checking account?

Since I completed an update about a year ago, the categories being downloaded for my USBank checking account were not words, but hyphenated numbers. Then with the last software update about 6 months ago, the Payee Name and Category are always the same for each transaction from USBank. How do I correct these problems?


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I suspect you have two issues.

    The nonsensical categories is from mobile issues. You need to have a clean copy of your Quicken Data where the categories are correct to resolve. You will want to go into Quicken:Preferences:Connected Services and click not the Reset option under connected Services. This will reset/upload a fresh copy of your data to the cloud. Again, your data in your desktop file must be correct to do this.

    As for your second issue, it could be related to the first, but the quality of the data being presented by USBank is your limiting factor. "About 6 months ago" is when renaming rules for Quicken for Mac came about. I can't provide a single solution for that, but you will want to start looking at the payees and renaming rules under the Payee list. That should shed light on why things are getting renamed. Also, looking at the transaction inspector (command+option+i) will give you information about the statement payee as in what is being sent from USBank.
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