What is it like to run Quiken (windows) Home and business on a Mac?

I have a Mac, and have used quicken for Mac, for years, managing my rental properties. I have heard that the Windows Home and business version is far superior. I'm considering trying it via a pc vertical app on my Mac. I would love some recommendations or warnings before I spend the $$. How well does it run? Any problems?


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    I don't know what you mean by a 'pc vertical app'.  Perhaps "virtualization" got autocorrected?  I and many others run Quicken for Windows on our Macs using Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion (and there are several other options).  I've been doing so for over 12 years without any issues (I run a variety of other Windows-only software on my Mac this way).

    For Quicken Windows, I have Parallels Desktop set up to share the Mac folder that I keep the Quicken data file in with Windows... so that Time Machine will always be keeping backups of it, even though it is only used by Windows.  I personally never keep any files only in the Windows virtual machine's "C:" drive - as that would create a separate workflow for keeping backups.

    If you go that route, besides purchasing the virtualization software and Quicken Home and Business - you also need a Windows 10 license.  If you do a search, you will find that Microsoft still has a way that you can download the Windows license and register for free vs paying the license fee that you may see on retail sites.

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    FWIW, VirtualBox from Oracle is free and easy to use.

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    I have used this set up for about six years. The Quicken for Mac version (5 years ago at least) just didn't fit my needs. It was a completely different software design

    To run Quicken for windows: Basically you install a virtual machine on your computer which carves out a section of your memory to install a second operating system. when you open it up it makes all the little windows sounds. Then you open up the Quicken for windows program. Consider it like a second computer in your computer. It is totally separate. you can not copy-paste between the Windows and Mac OS. I transfer files between the two using drop box.

    Make sure your computer can deal with the set-up. My 4GB Air is borderline unable to - both the virtual machine and the Mac ask me for more memory.

    Also note - apparently the new M1 chips on the new Macs can't run windows.
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