Odd TAG behavior from report with split register entry

I have several reports I run at the end of the year to use for taxes including one the covers all the expenses for my multiple vehicles. I have a separate Tag for each vehicle when I create the assorted register entries and sub-total by those Tags.

For a register entry for auto insurance, I have a split transaction where both the Category and Tag are different for two vehicles. One is a Business Category and the other is a Personal Category. When I run the report however, a line that should only apply to one line combines both lines in the split and the Tag column shows both Tags for one line item, Tag-1:Tag-2

The amount shows correct for just Tag-2 but it shows being applied to both autos. Likewise, the Category is correct for Tag-2.

So, I decided to delete the Tags from both lines of the split but the issue was still present. I then decided to clear the split lines entirely and when I closed the split window, Tag-1 was showing in the Tag field. So apparently the Split entries did not override the entry in the non-split field.

While I resolved the problem, I figured I would make a post about
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