How do I create a report with the payee and corresponding address?

I'm trying to just generate a report that contains the payee and the payees address.


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    Hi @Disbrb01,

    As a normal part of its processing of data today, Quicken doesn't use or need the addresses of payees for the most part.  The slight exception/variation to this is in where Quicken is facilitating certain payments. Although most payments are transmitted electronically (and don't need an address) in the case of payments by paper check Quicken does need the payee's address.  In addition, for the H&B R/P version Quicken gives users the option of entering customer and vendor addresses.

    All that being said - you should check the "Address Book" and "Online Payee List" in Quicken to determine whether any vendor addresses exist.  Under the "Tools" menu, you should open up both the Address Book and then the Online Payee List to see whatever addresses may have been saved there.


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