Changing memorized payees

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Recently in my Memorized Payee list I've been having spontaneous changes being made. Specifically, entrees that transfer money from one account to another ( like paying a credit card account from a checking acct.). The acct. that is in the Category column disappears. I've had to re-enter them several times in the last couple of weeks. Also, the tag shows in its column, but when the edit window is opened the tag entry is missing. If it's not re-entered, then when the edit window is saved, the tag is gone from the column. The other odd thing is that this only happens to maybe four out of six entrees like this, but its always the same four and when it happens, and it happens to all four at the same time, not just one or two.

Thanks for any input.


  • jfclague
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    If you have Quicken cloud sync on, that is probably the issue. I have had the issue for several versions so I had to turn off Quicken cloud sync.
  • DBWnNC
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    I think that is it. I just recently started syncing to the cloud. After reading your message I went back to Quicken to turn off sync and the Memorized Payee list had already been changed from just a couple of hours previously when had reentered the missing info. Hopefully that will stop the issue.
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