Orrstown Bank - Can't connect during account setup - just freezes

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Q Deluxe R31.8    Win 10

I just opened an account to another bank and can't add it to my Quicken accounts. I'm connecting with Express Web Connect. I select the bank and "connect". All I get is a spinning wheel. Nothing ever connects and it doesn't give any type of error. Everything just freezes except the spinning wheel. Any ideas?


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    Is it Ally bank? This was posted earlier...

    We are seeing reports that users are unable to add/update their transactions from Ally Bank as Ally Bank is blocking ALL aggregation. This block results in the CC-505/105 Error.

    Our service provider is aware and working towards a solution. There is no ETA available at this time.

    If you would like to automatically receive updates and/or a resolution as one becomes available, please 'bookmark' this alert by clicking the yellow star icon in the upper right.

    Thank you!
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    Sorry. I left that out. The bank I can't connect to is Orrstown Bank in PA. Quicken says "looking for your accounts at Orrstown Bank", then quicken freezes.
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    [EDIT] - updated topic title to better reflect actual Q&A -
    also - the Quicken info looks ok -
    01349    01349    01349    Orrstown Bank    https://www.orrstown.com/    (717) 532-6114    https://www.orrstown.com/    ACTIVE        

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - sticking with R47.15 - Win10

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    Thanks for the response. I already had that information. So how do I add that account, when Quicken just freezes up when trying to locate my account at Orrstown Bank?                  
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    Something new with this problem. Since trying to add Orrstown, now one-step- update also freezes. But, if I update each account separately, they update fine.
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    It's fixed. I didn't do anything, other than try it every hour or two. It eventually just ran like it was supposed to.
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