Scheduled Transaction setup error:

When setting up a repeating transaction in the register, it does not allow scheduling to start "today". I tried to set up one at 4 week intervals for a subscription starting today (1/30) and it only allows the first transaction after today at 2/6, then every 4 weeks after that. Is there a way around this program error? Why does the "Add a New Bill" not allow a start date if it's not going to use the current date?


  • Bill Stepler
    Update: The problem is the "start date" is input on the default monthly schedule screen, but disappears if you first select a weekly schedule dropdown. Then there is only a week of days to choose from (Sunday - Saturday) not dates. Then the schedule plans for the transactions to begin on the date of the day you choose from that calendar day AFTER the date from the default screen that you can no longer see.
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I think you're going to want to create a manual transaction for today. Then right-click on it and choose Schedule Selected Transaction
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