Has Quicken for Mac changed since 2015?

I am a long long-time Quicken user. One of the reasons that I bought a Mac in 2015 was that I saw that Quicken had finally developed a Mac version. I tried valiantly but it didn't work for my Quicken needs. I don't remember exactly why but this community helped me come to the conclusion that I needed to have a virtual machine running Windows OS and Quicken for Windows. Very clunky.

Now it is time for me to get a new Mac and my IT is wondering if the virtual machine is still needed.

Has the software changed much since launch? Not sure if it is worth trying again

I particularly need to have multiple data files for different currencies. In one country I have two currencies, so don't care the platform to focus on total wealth.

Any thoughts?


  • RickO
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    There have been significant changes, but it really depends on exactly what your needs are as to whether those changes will make a difference.

    You can have separate data files in different currencies in current QMac. However, I believe that multi-currency support may be still more advanced in QWin. (I've don't use QWin or non-US currency, so I'm not up on the details). I think that one of the more recent improvements in QMac is the ability to have accounts in different currencies converted automatically to display in a primary currency in the sidebar, including exchange rate lookup. 

    But again, I'm not up on the details, so perhaps somebody who uses multiple currencies and is more familiar with QWin can chime in.
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  • RickO
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    I will add that if you currently subscribe to Quicken, you can download the Mac version for free and play with it to see if it satisfies your needs. Also bear in mind that converting existing files from QWin to QMac is not a perfect process. I don't know all the details of that, but there are several discussion here that you could search for and that will provide all the details.
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  • Margo
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    Thanks RickO. It is a good idea to try it out before the whole process of installing a virtual machine to run the windows version

    I need to decide which Mac to get - and it seems the decision is driven by Quicken. The new M1 chips aren't compatible with virtual machines, so either I would have to stick with last year's model with the Intel chip, or pay 50euros a month to have windows hosted in the cloud
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