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I have some bags silver coins in my safe and record them in Quicken, converted to ounces. But I would like to show the value at the current spot price for silver, similar to a typical stock holding. I can't find a ticker symbol that works in Quicken. Does anybody have a solution for this?


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    What kind of coins....
    I've used this for buying and price checking.

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

  • Thank you Ps56k2 for the quick response. Coincidentally I actually bought the bags from APMEX (unfortunately when it was at the high, I think cause I'm STILL underwater!).

    Actually I was trying to find an index or reference that I can load into Quicken so it would automatically update market value, same way it does with stocks.
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    Bruce Bottger said: Actually I was trying to find an index or reference that I can load into Quicken so it would automatically update market value, same way it does with stocks.
    I was also looking for something to track spot precious metals -
    don't think I found any -
    and just started tracking some of the proxy stocks....  like GLD and SLV
    BTW - every year I purchase from APMEX the US American Eagle silver 1oz, and in special years - the 1oz gold version.  This year, 2021 - the design is changing -

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    I would like to do the same thing Add silver coins to my portfolio with Quicken automatically updating market value Let me know if you find an answer
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    I never found a perfect solution for spot prices that I could load in Quicken. So I converted my holding to oz and then just use SLV.

    In other words, I found the silver equivalent of dimes and figured out that one bag of 1000 dimes contained 72.34 ounces of silver. Put those ounces in the shares field, therefore Quicken values my oz at the SLV price. Generally is close enough for my needs.

    If you find a better alternative, I'm ALL ears. :)
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    Same here in not finding a perfect match.  I use SIVR.  It seems to track a little closer to the daily spot price.
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    Come on, Quicken. This has been an ongoing conversation for years. Does anyone at the company pay any attention to what people need?
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    What’s wrong with just using SLV 

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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  • SIVR (abrdn Physical Silver Shares ETF) is the best silver pricing index tracker I've found. It tracks about one US dollar below actual silver spot price per ounce, but still better than SVR. Just add $1.00 per ounce held to the shown value in your head and you'll come up pretty close. It would still be nice if there was a physical silver spot price somewhere though.

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