Vystar returning error code OL-319-A

I am continuing to get the OL-319-A error when I attempt to download transactions from VyStar Credit Union.
Does anyone know how to solve this error?


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    Hi @DirtRidin,

    This problem could be related to use of Vystar's online bill payment feature,  So I suggest that you do the following:

    1) Backup your Quicken datafile - just in case;
    2) Open each VyStar CU account in Quicken one at a time and do the following steps;
    3) Click on the "Gear" icon in the upper right of the screen and select "Edit account details";
    4) Click on the "Online Services tab;
    5)  Disable/Deactive "Billpay" for each account;
    6) Select "OK".

    Then retry the data download.  Let me know how that goes.


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  • Hello Frankx,

    Thank you for your response.

    I did as you suggested above and One Step Update Summary returned an error code of OL-220-A stating "Your financial institution rejected this transaction because it is a duplicate request.[OL-319-A]"

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    Hi again @DirtRidin

    Apparently there must  be a payment that you attempted to make at the bank (by transmission through Quicken) that is somehow not being correctly processed by the bank.  Can you identify such a payment?  If so, I would suggest going to your bank's website to see if you can determine the status of that payment sent through Quicken. If it appears that the payment is "in process" at the bank you should make sure that Quicken also indicates that status. If you cannot determine which payment is causing the problem, then I would suggest that you deactivate and then reactivate online services in Quicken for the account.

    Let me know how that goes.


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  • Vystar Credit Union and Direct Connect have not worked reliably for me for the last month or so. The error messages have been OL-220-A and sometimes OL-319A messages.
    Today, Feb 5th, 2021 I was told the following by a Vystar support representative:
    1) An internal Vystar memorandum from June states that they are no longer supporting Direct Connect which is in line with what many other financial institutions have decided. Express Web Connect should be used.
    2) The instructions posted on the Vystar web site are obsolete. A copy of the "obsolete instructions" that I downloaded from Vystarcu.org today is attached.
    3) I should try deactivating the online connection and also deleting the financial institution name and account number from the General Tab of the Account Details screen and then go through the online services activation process but select Express Web Connect instead of Direct Connect.
    4) I should make sure that bank bill pay was not enabled on the online services tab of account details dialog screen.

    I was skeptical about this information because I had Direct Connect working long past the alleged June abandonment date, because Quicken Windows defaults to Direct Connect Setup for Vystar Credit Union when selected from the financial institution search and because the Direct Connection instructions are still on the Vystar web site. However, two attempts at following the Vystar setup instructions and choosing Direct Connect both failed. QW finds the accounts and lets you select the matching QW accounts but then the process errors out with a message that something went wrong but "it's not our fault." Then when you look at the account details, the account is set up for Direct Connect and everything looks correct but the update fails with the OL-220-A error.

    I was finally able to get Express Web Connect to download transactions. Note that you must follow the Vystar write-up attached as to deactivating the online service, clearing the financial institution and account number fields in the edit account general tab and then starting the set-up from the Tools/Account List/Edit menu sequence. If not, you never see the financial institution search dialog. Then after searching for Vystar, you must click on Advanced Setup option and choose Express Web Connect.

    So, now I have the ability to download the transactions from Vystar into QW but I have lost the ability to use the Bank Bill Pay feature. This is a problem. I wish Vystar and Quicken would provide a solution and clarity for users. If Direct Connect is not supported then Quicken should not default to Direct Connect when Vystar is selected as the financial institution and Vystar should post the correct information on their website.

    A possible clue as to the reason for some of the errors is a message that QW shows about transfers between accounts. I have multiple Vystar accounts and there are transfers in the registers where money is moved from one account to the other.

    If I can't get Direct Connect to work in the future then I may have to move away from Vystar.
  • Hello Frankx and Chris Gatenby,
    Update on Vystar Credit Union error code OL-319-A - February 8, 2021

    After reading the post by Chris Gatenby, I went into the Edit/Delete account option for my Vystar accounts. I noticed in the Online Services tab/Online Setup box that a link to change my connection method was highlighted.

    Since I had already backed up my file, I decided to try and change the connection method to Express Web Connect before I tried the method Chris suggested above. To my surprise, QW and Vystar connected and missing transactions downloaded.

    When reviewing the new setting in Account Details I noticed the following:
    General Tab:
    1) the bank routing number is omitted and greyed out - no entry allowed
    2) With Direct Connect, the Account Number field was populated with member number followed by an SO or KO (denoting checking or savings) and then account number. With Express Web Connect, only the last 4 digits of the account number appear.

    Online Services Tab:
    1) In the Online Setup box an informational box appears stating "Your financial institution supports an improved connection method". The appears to be a disconnect between QW and Vystar.

    At this point I will have to work with the setup as is.

    Thank you both for all of your help. I truly appreciate it.

    Kindest Regards,

  • Robert Reed
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    Thanks for this info. I changed from direct to express connect and now all my accounts download again. Everything in my Account Details is as you described. :)