USAA - prompting to link old credit card account

Using Quicken Deluxe (I think) for Mac - the one that is subscription based.

Having trouble resetting USAA credit card account for download and believe this started with USAA's new security measures. It looks like this is a known problem; is there something I should do or wait for resolution from Quicken/USAA?

When it came time to "link" the USAA account to Quicken account register, a former USAA credit card number appeared. The current credit card number did not appear in the list at all. I go into the USAA website daily and review transactions. Is there a step I should be taking or is it best to wait until Quicken/USAA resolve? I am ok with waiting for resolution if that means the transactions/register will be correct.


  • jrich75
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    I have decided to wait.  Some have reported that linking the account, even if the number is old or incorrect, has worked out OK but I'd rather wait until USAA gets things straightened out.
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  • Dorothy H
    Dorothy H Member ✭✭
    Thanks jrich; that's what I am thinking too. I'd rather wait and have it be correct than chance it.

    I have two other USAA accounts and those worked perfectly; it's only the CC that is problematic.
  • Dorothy H
    Dorothy H Member ✭✭
    Got it to work. Posting in case anyone else is running into same problem.

    When setting up download for credit card, select the institution USAA Credit Card, rather than USAA - new. This worked for me and I was able to link account.

    If anyone reading this sees a problem, please let me know :)
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