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401K balance is reducing the market value by the cost basis... netting out the two

For some reason, my imported activity for my 401K is netting the Market Value by the amount equal to the original cost basis and therefore showing a much Lower actual value for the 401K (lowered by a line item labeled cash - which is showing a negative cash balance equal to the cost basis of the contributions into the 401K plan). Any idea on how to correct or fix this?


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Howdy, mark0m:

    You don't give use much info to work with. If imported transactions are not being reflected in your portfolio (and thusly, your market value), the usual suspect is the Placeholder Transactions at the beginning of the register. Those transactions will appear in light gray.

    It sounds like those (opening balance adjusting transactions) are offsetting your import so you don't see the increase in market value.

    You will have to look back at those transactions to see what is going on. That is about the best I can suggest with the limited data provided.

    Good luck!
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