Transactions flagged for review

Can a report be generated that lists transactions that are flagged for review?


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    Was going to reply with the 'how-to' then realised you are using Mac product. Maybe someone can chime in who is a Mac user?
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    Yes, you can generate this report, but not using the Reports engine as you might expect. Instead, you do it right in the register:
    1. Select an account or group register in the sidebar. If you want every not-reviewed transactions, select the All Transactions group register.
    2. Click filter Status and select Not Reviewed. You are now displaying all transactions that are still marked for review.
    3. Further refine the list using the Dates filter if desired.
    4. At this point, you can print the register, save it to PDF or export it to CSV for import into Excel or Numbers.
    To print, click menu File > Print then select either Transaction Detail or Category Detail. 

    To save to PDF, follow the above, but instead of clicking Print in the print dialog, click the PDF popup menu in the lower left corner.

    To export to CSV, click menu File > Export > Register Transactions to CSV File.

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