Citibank Credit Card Deactivates for Transaction Download - why?

Yesterday 1 of 3 Citi Credit Cards got deactivated, and don't know how this happened.  I restored from a backup, then I ran an OSU, and everything was fine.  Today following an Scheduled OSU the same thing happened.  This time I went to the Account List and tried adding accounts from Citibank.  During the process QW wanted to re-link this account, and I still don't know why it's happening.


  • studpup
    studpup Windows Beta Beta
    I had this with Discover, using Quicken's "Fix It" option didn't fix it (same error next day). I went into each discover account & deactivated, then picked one of them and reactivated. It then gave me the option to link each online account to an account in quicken. Problem hasn't happened since. Good luck!

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  • David Boater
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    I'll see what happens tomorrow, thanks.
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