Securities List - Looping When Adding New Security to RRSP Account

Kent Smith
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I am trying to enter a new purchase transaction to my US Dollar RRSP account for Aptiv PLC. I enter the the details via the Security List or via the Enter Transactions tab. I can go through initially but it ends up looping and asking me to choose between APTV or APTV-A as the ticker symbol and then it gives me a message that the symbol is already selected and so I can't enter the actual transaction. I have entered something manually but it's kind of useless as I then have to do things manually which defeats the whole purpose of trying to automate this tracking process - I am just totally frustrated with this kind of issue.


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    I can't be sure of what is taking place in your specific case, but I'll offer the following Quicken traits.

    1. Every security name must be unique within the database file.  
    2. Quicken will not create a new security with ticker that matches an existing (in Quicken) security.  It is possible to have two securities share the same ticker but it requires specific user steps.
    3. Quicken's reference database contains duplicate security names.  
    So for example, you could have a security name = Aptiva, ticker = APTV in your file.
    You want to add in the preferred share of Aptiva, and try to have Quicken do that looking up the info (rather than a manual security creation).  Quicken finds the security with the APTV-A ticker but it has the same name as the one already in your file.  Back to ground zero. 

    The solution to this circle is to rename the existing security from "Aptiva PLC" to "Aptiva PLS Common" or something similar.  Then Quicken will be able to create a second Aptiva which you can rename to "Aptiva PLS Pref A" or something similar.      

    If you compound this with Canadian exchange securities, the naming can get more complex to manage.