Thoughts on switching from QWin to QMac

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Have been running Quicken for Windows for a year now (on my work laptop) - having previously been a Mac (personal) user using [Removed -Soliciation] - and am on the whole pleased with the results.

However my dear old MBP is about to die (being 10 years old) - so I am torn now as to whether to replace it with a high end Dell or a new MBP (available budget about $1,200) ... so I'm wondering what feedback/advice there is in the community about people switching from the Windows to the IOS version, as far as ease of doing so, user interface, functionality etc. (I am not a power user and use very few reports - but I do expect consistency and dependability on whichever platform I use). Grateful for any advice offered.


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    You seems to be referring to Windows OS, Mac OS and iOS. Not sure what you want to know, but Quicken does not support any stand alone version of iOS. The iOS/web app is only a companion to either Windows or Mac versions of Quicken.
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    For clarification - I'm considering switching from a PC based version of Quicken back to using an MBP - hence I would have to use the Mac OS version ... sorry if that wasn't immediately clear.
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    [EDIT] - updated the topic title to better reflect the actual Q&A -

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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