Is there A Problem with One Step Update

I know I have transactions to upload to My Quicken accounts but when I do the One step update they do not transfer on my Santander Account


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    I'm assuming you see transactions in Quicken on your Santander account, but you don't see them on

    Click on One Step Update, and enter your password, but don't press enter yet. Click on Settings, and make sure there's a checkmark next to Sync to Quicken Cloud. Click manage accounts to sync, and make sure there's a check mark next to your Santander account. Click Update Accounts. Then click Apply to save your One Step Update preferences. Click Update Now to run the One Step Update which should include your Santander account.

    If you don't see your updates there, log out of the browser, and in quicken, click Edit / Preferences / Mobile & Web, and click Reset your Cloud Data. Then sync again and log back in the browser to test.

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