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I haven't been able to sync my USAA Savings Account since September, however my USAA checking account syncs just fine. I've tried uninstalling the account and installing it again and it just isn't recognized. This is the screen shot I get. Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 2.17.03 PM. I've done the resolve and retry multiple times and I get the same error. Any advice?


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    This answer works. Just did it now. USAA has been very difficult to deal with since they dumped the Investment business. USAA appears to be forcing for security reasons re setting up accounts EACH time you sync accounts with Quicken. You don't need to create a new file. They are not keeping current with Quicken technology and from being a 30 year banker, these are tell tail signs they may dump the banking business too. Going in for the 3rd time I still get that OL 220 error to fix. Its USAA. THIS IS WHAT I DID TO FIX IT. USAA is forcing me to do this the last 3x I went in. I did not record a video of what I did, but remember the basic steps. 1. First you need to turn off your existing Direct Connect that doesn't work. Since Quicken won't let you do that with out re-connecting to USAA, you have to fool Quicken to erase the Direct Connect. To do this tell Quicken you want to CHANGE your connection type to Web Connect by doing this it will remove all your Direct Connect info from Quicken, but NOT erase your accounts. 2. Now setup Direct Connect for USAA accounts. 3. You will be brought to a logon for USAA. 3. USAA on their website WRONGLY tells you to input your USAA # here. Instead input your web logon id, for me it is an alpha numeric ID I created. 4. Next they ask for PIN, This is Not where you put your PIN, instead input your USAA logon password associated with your USAA logon ID. 5. The screen will refresh at this point and they will ask again for a PIN. YES this is the time you input your USAA PIN, not the debit card PIN, but your web PIN. 6. WAIT you will be presented with your accounts at USAA. 7. From here for each account shown, select the correct account types, then go to far right drop downs and select link to existing account, and pick the one you want it to link to. (that's right USAA directions WRONG AGAIN -- they tell you, you are forced to create a new file.. BS, no you don't). 8. That is it, your transactions will download..... Your welcome from a former Bank Product Manager who actually uses online banking. It appears USAA is requiring us to go through this process each time to download. So want to stay with USAA but they are making is more and more difficult to do business with them.
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