One Stepo update for Capital once mastercard

Is anyone else having difficulties with the 1 step update just freezing when trying to update info for a Capital One Costco Canada mastercard?


  • jrdowdell
    jrdowdell Member ✭✭
    I've had this problem for all credit cards the past couple of days. It updates the bank accounts just fine, then hangs on the credit cards, including Cap one. Bad enough that I have to terminate Q using the task manager. I've tried updating the credit card accounts individually and pretty much the same thing, the update doesn't hang, but it eventually just closes without actually downloading any transactions. Seems to be a recent issue, hopefully they'll get it resolved soon.
  • Shawn Ryland
    Shawn Ryland Member ✭✭
    Yes the 3rd time I got an error cc-501 and it is a known issue since yesterday apparently (freezing/delayed downloading etc) quicken is aware of it. I just wasn't getting the error message it was just frozen on trying to o download.
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