Errors when downloading from Vanguard

I have been having a problem downloading from Vanguard. I went online with Quicken Chat. They were very nice and tried to help. The y gave up and asked me to contact Vanguard. Guess what? Vanguard sends you around in circles for technical support on their website before dumping you back at Quicken. However, since resetting the connection etc did not work, I cam up with my own method to get it working. Fortunately, I only started using quicken last August so this method (which required me to delete all my Vanguard accounts from Quicken ) worked for me but may not work for you....
1. Delete all Vanguard accounts from Quicken.
2. Go to Vanguard and download a Quicken Data file to your computer.
3. Upload the data to Quicken - renaming the "new accounts" to what you want etc.
4. Try setting top the automatic connection again....
5. .... in my case it worked (and con tines to do so).
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