USAA Auto Loan showing as Line of credit

After trying to resolve the issue with my other USAA accounts (checking, CC), and having success by deactivating and entering new info using USAA Access ID and Access PIN, I am able to pull in my Checking and CC data, but my auto loan is showing as a line of credit, not an auto loan. I cannot add the loan through the "add a new loan" under property and debt, and link the loan to the underlying asset.


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    Hi again @shamrock_94

    I assume that you are saying that the "auto loan" is still "connected".  To fix that, you need to deactivate the account.  Open the account register in Quicken > Click on the "Gear" icon in the upper right >Go to "Edit Account Details" > click on the "Online Services" tab > in the "Online setup box - click on "Deactivate".

    Once it is deactivated, you will be able to manually enter and edit transactions to get it to agree with the actual account balance from your most recent loan statement.

    Let me know how the deactivation process goes.


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