How to view reminders prior to opening Quicken

I was viewing my reminders each morning as a popup on my PC, without the need to open Quicken.
Is there a way to retrieve that function?

Thanks in advance.


  • YingDave
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    edited February 2021
    There used to be a widget for Windows Vista/7 but it does not function anymore as widgets have disappeared in Windows 10. Presumably a security problem. You have not said which version of Windows you have. If it's Win 10 then this option is no longer available. 

    There is another path though. All Quicken reminders incl Bills can be sync'd to Outlook Calendar. Of course that relies on you having Outlook 32-Bit version  installed - works for many people. I have 64-bit so I can't use it unfortunately.
  • Alfa13
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    I appreciate your quick reply.
    Yes I'm running Windows 10.
    I'll try the outlook option.

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