Moving from PC to Mac - Setting up Investment cash accounts like on PC?

I have "cash management" features on a couple of Fidelity Investment brokerage accounts, like bill payment and checks. On a PC, the cash portion of those accounts are split in Quicken between "cash" and "investment" accounts, which is great for reporting and filtering out things like interest/dividends. When I moved the PC Q file to the Mac Quicken, I see the cash accounts, but don't see a way to make them act like they do in PC Quicken. How do I set them up to act like the PC accounts where checks, deposits, billpay, etc transactions are in the "cash" accounts?


  • John_in_NC
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    There are no linked cash/checking accounts in QMac like there are in Quicken for Windows.

    Your cash holdings should be shown in the respective investment account. You can add columns such as check #, category, etc. to make the account act like a checking account All your cash transactions should be a Type of "Payment/Deposit."

    You can print checks from these accounts as well. I don't know about bill pay services as I do not utilize those within Quicken.
  • ajweigl
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    Thanks. I was afraid of that. So to make this work I would need to move the historical transactions from the "cash" accounts that were in the PC file into the respective investment accounts for reporting purposes? I'll check out the Type field and see if I can get it to work as I want. I don't use bill pay or checkwriting in Q, so this is simply for reporting.

    The transfer also duplicated accounts and completely messed up the credit card accounts, so there's more work to do there.

    I had hoped that QMac had gotten further along than it has so I can FINALLY ditch the PC completely.
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