PNC Bank CC-501 Error

I started getting this error about 2 weeks ago. I have 4 account with PNC, I deactivated all the account and set them up again. No difference. I then saw the issue with slow downloading and 501 error. Received notification today (02/23/2021) that it was resolved. Started download and received the 501 message. I went to PNC site and exported 1 of the accounts, there were transactions to be downloaded.

What is the problem? How do I resolved?


  • jfclague
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    I have had success deactivating all the PNC accounts and then add a new account and it will bring up all your PNC accounts and allow you to link to your current Quicken accts.
  • gmbraja
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    I also tried deactivating PNC accounts and then add new accounts - still getting CC-501 error :(
  • jfclague
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    Also, I know people have had issues if they don't have a cellphone number setup with PNC.
    The accounts are 3 shared and 1 individual account.

    Updated to new software Release R31.20

    1. Deactivated all accounts
    2. Add Account setup.
    3. Update Accounts. Response; No Transaction to download
    4. Tried next day. Response; CC-501 error
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 above.
    6. Deactivated all accounts
    7. Add Account setup for only 3 shared accounts
    8. Update Accounts Response; CC-501 Error. Inspected error and No
    Transaction to download.
    9. Went to Visit Financial Institution home page from gear pulldown
    10. Exported transaction. There were transaction exported.

    Quicken needs to resolve the issue between the software and PNC bank.
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