Why so many and frequent updates? They happen almost every week, more than once a week.



  • UserDavidC
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    Because people experiencing errors do not want to wait for weeks or months for a fix to their problems. Some of these errors make Quicken unusable by some people and can cause data file corruption if not corrected immediately.
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  • lattimcj
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    But there is a problem. Although I allow Quicken to update, the next day when I sign in again, it forgot I updated. I am not allowed to continue because it says the software has already been updated. Then I have to exit completely and start over with a new sign-in attempt. How can I get Quicken to remember its updates so I can sign in without this circular error?
  • eadam1946
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    It sounds like it would be easier for you to remember. Suggestion: Do not allow an update to proceed until you finish what you are doing and close. Restart Quicken, with or without loading your data file, and allow the update. When it's done, you can choose to start Quicken again, if you wish, without signing in, unless your data file is password protected. It's your choice!
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