Is there resolution to a CC-501 error?

Since mid Jan, I have been having CC-501 errors in an effort to activate after deactivating a BoA account. I should add that the file consists of 7 BoA accounts successfully updating, just the 1 that fails with CC-501. "Quicken Sarah" told me in an email "If you are receiving a CC-501 error for one or more financial institutions, please allow up to 24 hours and then attempt to add/update accounts once more. If you have received this error for longer than 24 hours, please contact Quicken Support for assistance with advanced troubleshooting." The log files says "Invalid username/password combination has been entered. Please try again or sign-in to to restore your connection from your computer." Believe me, I have the userID and PW correct.

I waited 24hr and still have the problem. I call and Daniel told me that I had to wait 24hrs more - OK, I'll play the game. Still have the problem 24 + 24hrs more.

I called again. Now, Carlotta has told me that I must upgrade to Windows 10, and run my data from the C: drive to solve my problem. I have 3 other Quicken data files that ALL SUCCESSFULLY LINK to BoA and download transactions. They all live on my D: drive and they all happily run under Win7.

I am so frustrated.


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    So, I said to myself "Let's remove this OS B.S. excuse from the equation and install this on my Mac"

    Boy was I surprised when all accounts downloaded. I did notice a tone when I went to enter the last character of the PW into Q. Hmmm, I thought... To make a long story short, BoA uses a 20 character PW and silently truncates all characters after that. Quicken uses everything you send it.

    My BoA passphrase is 21 characters long and BoA ignores all after 20. Quicken takes 21 and fails the PW with a CC-501 error. BAD ERROR parsing in my book. This should be a 503 password failure error, not a 501 "try again later" error.....

    QUICKEN, if you are listening, fix this.
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