Two months of transactions are missing, and two monthly reconciliations, and saved reports

I have been away from this quicken file for a few months. When I last used I had reconciled monthly checking account statements through Jan, 2020, and (I believe) created a year-end reports for 2019). Now, the last two months of entries are not in the register, and the last reconciled items are through Nov. 10, 2019.

I have backed up, I have verified file integrity; I've restored from a backup; No luck.

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  • davidmcl
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    I am running Win 8.1;
    Year is 2020
    Version R31.12

    I just tried updating the Quicken program, and it reports that I have the latest version.
  • davidmcl
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    Additional information:
    When I change the search range for transactions from 11/8/2019 to 1/10/2020, the "missing" transactions are in the search results.

    Similarly, when I reset all filters, and prepare to reconcile for the next month following where I know that I stopped, the correct prior balance appears for the new reconciliation.
  • davidmcl
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    resolved. thanks.
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