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Error One Step Update for PNC Bank Error code OL-334A

I have not been able to update my PNC Bank account for a month. There was an error notice on PNC, but I do not see it now. When searching I do not see any comments on my error code. My PNC Bank account is not locked. I can go in online. I have spoken to PNC support, they have reset my log in. I updated after that. I showed complete but no data was updated. I now try to connect but it fails with Error Code above.


  • LynnK
    LynnK Member ✭✭
    Speaking to PNC, My Quicken Direct Connect was blocked, PNC is sending a new temp PIN for the account. I hope this will resolve the issue. The Pin is mailed, I will wait to see if that fixes the problem.
  • moxiegm
    moxiegm Member ✭✭
    I hope you're successful. I had a long discussion with a senior rep at PNC and I'm not overly hopeful as with no warning that I am aware of, PNC actually changed their direct connect, disconnected it from the single login, and their direct connect assistance staff insisted you have to have the number they mailed you 15-20 years ago if you're an old user like me. They've sent me a new pin to get to setting a new password, but, a change they made to the logon ID is totally unacceptable to me. I'm not getting more specific until I hear back the results of their ongoing elevation of a change that I consider to be a major cyber security flaw; they've been an excellent bank and I want to give them a chance to research the issue and get back to me. Good news is I think they took my concern seriously; bad news is I have no idea whether they will address the actual issue. In the meantime, I'm not resetting my PNC account for Direct Connect and may never make that connection. Web connect in lieu of direct connect works even though it lags by quite a bit; I'll use that for the time being. If you have difficulties with PNC direct connect, be VERY careful to look at the instructions the Quicken Software passes you from the bank to do a reset. You may be in for a shock if you're paying close attention to the login ID change.
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