W[h]ere is the Investing Tab in Quicken for Mac?

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I am used to Quicken for Windows. When you open the app, there is a tab at the top called "Investing." When you select that tab, your portfolio is shown below segmented by types of investments, such as Domestic Bonds, and then your investments in that category are shown. I cannot find this in Quicken for Mac. Is it available?


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    Click Investing in the sidebar. Next, click Portfolio button under "Investing" at the top. Set the drop down menus to Portfolio Value and Group by Asset Type. Click the little triangles next to each type to expand. I think this is what you're looking for.
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    Hi RickO,

    Thanks for your help. What I need to do is rather than select Group by Asset Type, I need to choose Group By Asset Class. I then need to go into each asset and edit Security to the appropriate class.
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