One Step Update Issue with a Twist

I see many people are having (and have been for a while) a problem with the OSU process. I have been having the same issue as many others for a while...OSU hangs and never finishes requiring me to close Quicken using Task Manager. Prior to a couple days ago, this would happen inconsistently for me. Typically if I closed Quicken and tried the next day it would finish the OSU process. However, a couple days ago something new started happening. The OSU process finishes; HOWEVER, Quicken no longer downloads my banking transactions. My bank is Citizens. This financial institution shows up in the list of financial institutions that will be updated via the OSU process; however, when the OSU is complete Citizens doesn't show in the list of financial institutions that was updated AND does not show an error indicating that it was not updated. Citizens does not show up at all on the screen following the OSU process. A couple days ago (when this first started happening) I "deactivated" my bank accounts from the OSU process and "reactivated" them thinking this might fix the problem, but it did not. Yesterday I uninstalled and reinstalled Quicken, but the results of the OSU process have not changed. If I complete a OSU and then try to do another prior to closing out of Quicken, the OSU hangs and never finishes. AND, at no time does Quicken download my banking transactions. These problems seem to have been unresolved by Quicken for months. Come on Quicken, you are better than this!


  • frankg
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    Update: In reading through a few other discussion threads, one of the recommendations I saw was to "reset" the bank accounts that were not updating. I did this and the effected accounts updated THROUGH THE RESET PROCESS. Yet to be determined if they will update through the One Step Update process. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to check this. I'll circle back to this thread with an update just in case this might help someone else.
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    That helped me. Thank you so much.
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