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Card with Direct Connect disappears from Quicken App

One of my Credit Cards is an Apple Card, and I have it set to sync to Quicken Cloud. The Mobile & Web sync is set to on. This account will sync once to Quicken Cloud and I can enter transactions using the Mobile App. However, after a sync from the desktop the card disappears, and yes it is set to Direct Connect. I have Reset my Cloud Data numerous times, and the card will be available for transaction entry on the App for a while, and then it will disappear. I do not care if my card balance is updated from the App to the institution, I want to be able to enter transactions using the App and then have it sync back to the desktop. Apple does not allow for transaction syncing, so WHY is Quicken removing this????? This used to not happen when Intuit was in charge, and it is very frustrating. I only want the ability to access this account from the mobile App, enter a transaction while I'm out, and then when I get home sync the App to the Desktop version and the transaction come over.

This used to be available, so WHY is it not anymore, and how do I rectify this issue????


  • Quicken Francisco
    Quicken Francisco Moderator mod

    Hello @bbprthead

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. That is quite odd that it disappears each time. I'm wondering if we might just need to delete the cloud dataset then resync it to see if that might get us up and running. I'll leave instructions down below on how to do so.


    Once you've had a chance to try let us know how it goes and we'll see what we can do from there!


    Quicken Francisco

  • bbprthead
    bbprthead Member
    Hi Quicken Francisco - Thank you for the prompt reply. However, the cloud dataset and resync is not the issue. There are a lot of users that have this same issue, especially with an Apple Card like I have, and that is the Account that is in Quicken Desktop, but not in the App. We have performed several Resets, Removed the Data File then re-added, and I even saw some people were told it was due to them using DropBox. None of those were the issue here.

    I "believe" I have just solved this issue and hope it helps others. I went to Quicken Desktop > In the Account List > Right clicked on the affected Account > chose Edit > then clicked on the Online Services tab. This showed that my Account was using "Web Connect", which is the only option I have available for this particular account.

    I chose to Deactivate this. Then it took a while for Quicken to finalize this action, and when completed, I clicked Done/OK and chose to Sync my Mobile and Web again.

    I opened the App on my phone and the Account is now visible and accessible.

    So it appears Quicken Developers have disabled/broken the ability to have Web Connect as an Online option in the Desktop version and allow it to sync to the Mobile App version. Hope this helps others.

    Thanks again.
  • Quicken Francisco
    Quicken Francisco Moderator mod

    Thanks for letting us know about the solution you were able to find. If you do run into any other issues please let us know about them so we're able to try any additional troubleshooting to make sure you're up and running.

    Quicken Francisco
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