Quicken has NO Crypto Currency Tracking

I'm new to crypto trading but old hand at equities. With the IRS now requiring crypto transactions to be reported and exchanges in the US are being required to report to the IRS and TurboTax being the number one tax software that integrates with Quicken, I would say at the very least, Quicken is way behind the eight ball on this. TurboTax will record crypto transactions as easily as equity transactions however, Quicken can't even handle 8 decimal places. This is now a show stopper for me after being with Quicken since it was installed from a floppy (remember those?). Quicken has been bulky and buggy for years as updates keep getting installed without a thorough clean-up. For those of us that want to keep all our historical data, we keep getting "upgraded" and every single one introduces some weird bug or annoyance. I use the newest version and I have bugs and annoyances but it is what I use. Now there's a new variable that Quicken has not incorporated into their business model. You have forced us back into the dark ages of having to manipulate CSV files AGAIN! Quicken needs revamping from the ground up incorporating new technology and coding and a good understandable, intuitive, and standardized input form so any institution can institute transaction downloads and understand what they are doing. This pointing the finger at each other, the institution and Quicken, when something doesn't work right only adds to the other annoyances and bugs associated with this application. Good Luck and have a nice day.


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