Connection to zzz-USAA Fed Savings Bank (Edited to reference actual issue)

I have gone through the nightmare process of reconnecting my USAA Federal Savings Bank New accounts to Quicken. 1. I cannot get rid of zzz-USAA Fed Savings Bank: error recovery 2. When I open Quicken -- msg. "your last online session was not completed. Do you want to try again now? Yes -- No-- X" No matter what I click, the message keeps appearing. Would like to get rid of it. Thanks.


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    A couple of clarifying questions....
    What version & release ..... Help --> About Quicken
    What platform - Mac or Win - (the release will tell us)
    Then we can move the discussion to the appropriate forum section.

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    I just logged in to quicken this morning and miraculously I was able to do it without errors after countless attempts adding usaa . No errors at all. It has been since January 25 that it has worked. Maybe USAA did something on there end, not sure. It is worth trying again today.
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