How can I merge 2 registers?

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Somehow I have one bank account but 2 registers. One goes up to 10/20/20; the other starting 10/23/20 and continues forward. I was having some bank download issues and in the process of reconnecting, a new account started. I would like help putting it back together as one. :)


  • MontanaKarl
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    Yes, it's pretty easy. Display the historical account that goes to 10/20/20 and press cmd-A (or Edit > Select All) to select all transactions.  Then drag any of the highlighted transactions to the name of the current/connected account in the left account list and let go.  It'll either move them all immediately, or prompt you to warn that you're moving a lot of transactions and to confirm.  You can Edit > Undo if you mess up.  But... it would probably be wise to be sure you have a Time Machine or other backup of your file beforehand just in case.

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