After R31.20 - Error - Unable to initialize Quicken run-time components.

Armand_Fannin Member
Can't start qucken after last update. Get
Unable to initialize Quicken runt-time components.
Restart windows and try running Quicken again.

Persists through QUI clean and reinstall

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  • YingDave
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    Not sure it will solve your problem, but it won't hurt. Go to windows settings and run update to make sure .NET components of Windows are up to date. On installed programs check you have the 32 bit versions of .NET components installed. If not search through Microsoft sites to get the most recent. Quicken loads these on install if you do not have them, but they are used by many programs that can screw them up also - sometimes it's best to go back to the source for updates ie. MS. 
  • I have done the update as you suggested, but I still get the error. Thanks, anyway.
  • Ps56k2
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    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
  • YingDave
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    Since that did not help it sounds like the old uninstall / re-install scenario to try to fix it. Barring that something is conflicting with these program libraries like .NET in the background. But it definitely sounds like a Windows, Program Apps thing not a Quicken thing.
  • Armand_Fannin
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    Reinstalling Windows 10 took care of the problem.
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    I’m getting sane error! Help!
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