Exclude Account from One Step Update?

I have an account that I would like to exclude from the One Step Update process. It appears one step update downloads transactions for all my online accounts. Is there a way to configure which accounts are included in the one step update process? I still want to be able to manually update selected online accounts. (I'm using Quicken Deluxe v.6.1 for MacOS)


  • RickO
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    No, there isn't. When you update all online accounts, they all get updated. However, if you update a single account connected by Direct Connect, only other direct accounts at that same bank/FI will get updated. If you update any Quicken Connect account, all QC accounts get updated. 

    The only way around this would be to disable online connectivity. Then you'd have to reconnect the account when you want to download. That would be cumbersome.

    BTW, One Step Update is a QWin only term. QMac doesn't use that terminology. I thought initially you were a QWin user until you specifically stated QMac.
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