Import Probelms with Subscription version of Quicken

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Importing .qfx files. I do import, and Jan, Feb, great. just breezed in no problem. That's it stuck others wont come in. I did get September in with this funny box that comes up asking which account. Sometimes box comes up sometimes not. And non intuitive why even coming up when does come up. Ask for bank or account, so I chose the account I made in software. Worked once for September. Can'g import other months stumped.
Super annoying.

Totally stumped. And what funny had no problem with standalone . Just weido problems with new subscription version.

Sorry if my description of what's going on not too good but , but this is a truly sadistic baffling software so best I can do for now short of making a video . Any clues? Thanks.

I'll try to call them too, but thought I'd post for now. AGain : no issues with this before the forced subscription -- Now cannot import.

I could not import anymore, .qfx (which I posted about) till I subscribed, now I subscribed and software is a mess.


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    I'm not exactly sure from your description what it is you're experiencing. But if QFX import is forcing you to create a new account, that's okay. Just let it create the new account. Then select all transactions in that new account and drag and drop them into the existing account in the sidebar. Then you can delete the (temporary) new account.
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    Thanks Rick too confusing. I don't know whats doing. Maybe someone else does.

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    Ok some progress Rick various screenshots of the confusing new box that comes up (and never came up before)

    Million dollar question: Why is this annoying/ confusing box - with multijpled dropdowns, coming up When I have my account SELECTED already?.. So baffling.
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