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USAA Download - New Connection Method

After USAA instituted a new download link in Quicken recently, I've had a few odd behaviors. I finally had time to contact USAA Tech Support and was given the new, correct way to set up my Quicken downloads!
First, go to
Log in and you will be given an ACCESS ID and ACCESS PIN unique to your USAA account. You can print this out.
In Quicken for Mac, go to one of your USAA accounts, such as checking.
Click the Settings Icon in the lower right corner of the account information.
In the pop-up, click on the Downloads tab. Click the "Change Connection Type" button. Select "USAA Federal Savings Bank - New" from the list of financial institutions.
Select "Direct Connect." You can now enter the ACCESS ID and ACCESS PIN you just obtained from USAA. A popup will allow you to link the USAA account with your existing Quicken account. You may have to repeat this process with each Quicken account for USAA checking, savings, etc.
Since doing this yesterday, downloads are expedited, without having to enter any onetime passcodes. Hopefully, it will also eliminate the other odd behaviors, such as the duplicate transactions.
Let me know how this works out for you!


  • aspentool
    aspentool Member
    Mine is for Windows, but a few days ago, I did everything you said and got on fine and downloaded transactions. Since then, update reverted to an error (no #given) and would not work. I disconnected from "Direct Connect" and attempted to reestablish the connection. Now I do not get the page where the ACCESS ID and Pin are typed. I had been getting downloads, but I have had to redo the connection each time. Now I can't even do that. Have you tried reconnecting after your initial connection?
  • T-Bird AZ
    T-Bird AZ Member ✭✭
    I updated the accounts again this morning, and did not have any problems.
    Thanks for letting me know. I will keep an eye on my downloads and will post here...
  • EMacUSCom
    EMacUSCom Member ✭✭✭
    I followed the procedure above a few weeks ago.
    My Quicken (Windows) downloads the transactions and then two days after, it downloads the same transactions again.
  • T-Bird AZ - Dear T-Bird thank you so much I have been trying to access my USAA account - was about to call USAA like you did, then I saw you comment - wow - you are the first person that shared this - Thank you so much!!! So helpful and appreciative for the time you took to post - THANK YOU
  • Tim Reichwein
    Tim Reichwein Member ✭✭
    edited March 2021
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  • xav8driver
    xav8driver Member ✭✭
    T-Bird, thank you. Not sure if this will fix the duplicates, but great info.
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