Windows Error 2328 when trying to install Quicken

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I purchased Quicken Deluxe online and while trying to install I get error code 2328. I called customer support and they said it's a windows/Microsoft issue. They said to turn off virus protection and firewall and to try again, which I did, and got the same error. Any advice?


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    For more about this Windows installer error please review
    Where did you purchase and download Quicken from? or some other website?
    Which version of Quicken is this supposed to be?
    Which version of Windows are you running?
    If you purchased from, try to download the installer file again and save it to your Downloads folder. Once download has completed and has been scanned by your AV program, right-click the downloaded installation file. Click "Run as Administrator" to execute the installation program.

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    I purchased the deluxe online edition from
    I am running Windows 10 Pro.
    I'll try your recommended action and let you know.
    Thank you.
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    I deleted the original download and followed your instructions. I downloaded the file again from the Quicken website, saved to downloads, scanned with Microsoft defender (no issues) and chose "run as administrator" to try to install. I got the same error message (Error code 2328). This is also from the "reason for error":
    Error 2328.Error getting file version info for file: C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\mfc100chs.dll.
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    I might recommend (re)installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)

    Was your system installed and currently using English as the language?
    I'm not a quicken employee, just trying to be a helpful pup!
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    > @Studpup said:
    > Was your system installed and currently using English as the language? Yes