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I tried to log in to my community account and received a message "this quicken ID does not exist" and that the community accounts and quicken accounts have moved to a single log in. The instructions stated that for people who's Quicken ID email address is different than their community email address when you sign in to the community, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Quicken ID and password. I did that but how do I merge my old community information, questions and answers to the new account?
Thank you


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    Hi @ccpjr ,

    Since I wanted to keep my Emails separated, I used an old Quicken Account, instead of linking them together. Both had been using the same Email Address, virtually.
    So I lost no information.


    Option 1: If your Quicken ID email address is different than your community email address:

    When you sign in to the community, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Quicken ID and password.  If your email is not yet verified, you’ll receive a notification, and an email with a link to verify your email:

    After verifying your email, return to the community and sign in; you’ll see a box to choose a username—enter your existing community username.  Then, select the radio button next to your username and connect you’ll then enter your community password, and your accounts are now connected:


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