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The latest Quicken Windows release R32.10 is now being made available in staged release format to a limited group of users.

What's Included:
  • New: Added a QR code that can be scanned to help download Quicken Mobile. Also added instructions and additional information about Quicken Mobile.

  • New: Updated the register scrollbar design. This can be changed using Preferences > Setup.

  • New: In the Investment Dashboard, you can now view the Security Detail for an item in the Top Movers section by clicking the underlined security name.

  • Improved: To decrease the chances of losing data, the active customer data file will now be now backed up automatically before an update is installed.

  • Improved: Updated the look and feel of the online help browser and added global search functionality.

  • Improved: QXF data files from the Mac Starter Edition can now be imported by the Windows Starter Edition.

  • Improved: The Print Checks feature now includes an “early access” option to print checks using Check Pay.  To enable this, use Preferences > Write Checks.

  • Improved: Improved CTRL+F search by adding a register preference to choose a default of either Any Field or Currently Selected Field. This preference will be maintained for subsequent searches.

  • Improved: Investment Transactions preferences can now be accessed from the Investment Register by using the gear icon and selecting Investing preferences. The Register Preferences menu option under the gear icon will now link directly to Register under Preferences.

  • Improved: The names for online bills can now be edited.

  • Improved: Modernized look and feel of register filters.

  • Improved: Setup preferences now includes the preference Use new subscriber settings for new files, accounts, features.

  • Improved: Updates to look and feel of some menu elements.

  • Improved: Decluttered Investment Performance (IRR) report by not displaying accounts that have no starting value and no change during the reporting period.

  • Fixed: Performance issues with large data files on startup when the Bills tab is set as the Startup location.

  • Fixed: Issue in which IntIncX, DivX and similar transfer transactions were omitted from Budget Actuals in the Planning view.

  • Fixed: Issues with entering dates and terms in the register search.

  • Fixed: Issue in which functionality to change a Category for transactions with the same Payee did not work for transactions when the Payee name was longer than 31 characters.

This release is currently paused and not available for download within Quicken at this time.  If you would like to install this release without waiting for it to be released to all Users, please download and install the Mondo Patch available here.

EDIT 3/19/21
R32.10 is now fully released and available to all Users through Quicken > Help > Check for Updates.


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    edited April 2021
    Update 4/6/21

    Windows R32.12 (HF1) is being made available in staged release format to a limited number of Users.

    What's Included:
    • Fixed: An issue in which the Check # column in the register showed up as a blank for Quicken Bill Manager payment transactions.

    • Fixed: An issue in which crashes occurred frequently for some users.

    Once the release has been taken by the target number of Users it will be paused and no longer available to install from directly within Quicken.

    If you would prefer not to wait until the release has gone live to all Users, it is also available by downloading and installing the Mondo Patch, available here.

    Thank you!

    EDIT 4/8/21
    R32.12 is now fully released and available to all Users through Quicken > Help > Check for Updates