Error 155 connecting to BoA

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Starting this morning, I'm not able to pull down my transactions from BoA - error 155. Just wanted to see if anyone else is getting this or if there's a resolution other than waiting.


  • ClayHarmon
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    I am having the same issue with all my online accounts. The update status window shows that they all connected, but no new transactions have downloaded since March 11. This is true for BoA, Amex, and Chase
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    Same problem for me with my BoA accounts starting this morning.
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    +1 here
  • Harold Rosenbaum
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    Same here. Mine began 3/16/2021. B of Am support says to check with Quicken. Quicken says to check with Bank of America. As a Quicken customer, I don't like to be pushed aside and ignored.
  • I have been having this problem for several days now. My work around is to backup, export all my checking data. Delete the Bank of America accounts. Add them back, run the update and figure out which transactions did not come oer. Once that is done, use Excel to find those transactions and hours later fixed the checking account. I purchased Quicken to say time but I lost a whole day today.
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    me too plus Ally as well
  • Same here. I think it happened last year as well.

    Here is what was said last year during all the stimulus checks:

    Hello Everyone,

    Many Financial Institutions are experiencing a higher volume of traffic than normal due to the millions of stimulus payment direct deposit transactions being processed currently.

    This is indirectly affecting connections from third party systems, like Quicken, but should self-resolve once the traffic levels have decreased.

    Here is also the link to alert as well if you'd like to follow it.

    Hope this helps, thanks!

    -Quicken Francisco
  • markswot
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    Same issue with both Bank of America and Ally.
  • K.
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    B of A and Chase not working. Citi still ok as of 3-17-2021 745AM PDT
  • K.
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    B of A not working - still getting error 155. Downloading from website via Web Connect, but it won't let me change back to Quicken Connect
  • Tad
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    Since the Quicken update I downloaded today, it stopped asking for a Sign In Code for BoA accounts and transactions are no longer updated. How can I activate this Sign In Code input in Quicken that I used to have before the update?
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    This discussion was created from comments split from: Error 155 connecting to BoA.
  • System
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    This discussion was created from comments split from: Error 155 connecting to BoA.
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    Hello Everyone, 

    We currently are seeing an increase in CC-105/505's and CC-155's due to the stimulus checks currently being processed at the same time. This should self resolve over time once traffic levels have decreased with the bank. If you'd like a bit more detail feel free to look at the response thinkdifferent2k21 posted earlier as it's the same situation as before. 

    Hope this clears up any confusion! 

    Edit - Link to the alert

    Quicken Francisco
  • jenngine
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    Unable to download transactions for Bank of America and Ally Bank. Come on Quicken this is becoming a regular occurrence! What is the eta for a fix?
  • seems to be resolved.
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