Bank Transfers gone wrong.

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Well, now all my bank transfers are transferring from the right account in Quicken, but to the wrong accounts. If I go to my CU, and transfer $$ from my ckng to Visa payoff, Quicken's sending it to my savings instead. It's always something. There may be a fix however, I can't get my wife to work with Quicken as she says there's too much brain damage for her to want to get involved. So I will be downloading the new kid in town alternative financial software today onto her computer to have her try it. Though it's a starter version, it's okay, because it is just a start. As I learn to work with it may to help her I might also be able to take away a lot of the time consuming, stressful, and problem creating issues in my life, soon. I suspect whoever started this new company is probably some kind of ex-associate of Quicken, but non the less I'm excited about the possibilities here. After 20 years of Quicken, maybe someone has an idea how to to do a transfer in Quicken without it having to be another big issue to find walk arounds for and hopefully a fix for. Anybody else know anything about [Removed-No Soliciting]

will be rooting for me to find happiness elsewhere, but maybe just maybe I will!


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    I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors!


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    Frankx it'll have to be luck if it gets fixed. After the 32.10 update, my file password failed to work! Now I have 3 missing transactions over the last 6 months. Was up til 3am working with bank statements. Got wife working with another fin software, so there's light at the end of the tunnel. Capitalism ROCKS!
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