"Quicken's online service is unavailable at this time"

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when I try to sync my accounts on either the web app or the Windows app, I get this message. It tells me to try again in ten minutes but of course that doesn't work. I've never once gotten syncs to go right anyway, and I'm pretty much done with trying to make this product work. Someone change my mind because right now I feel like I wasted fifty bucks for no reason.

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  • studpup
    studpup Windows Beta Beta
    I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulty.

    Assuming you're using Windows 10, and no VPN or corporate firewall anything unusual, go to Edit / Preferences / Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts, then click sign in as a different user. Just sign back in with your normal Quicken account and try your update again.

    Let me know if that fixes it. Alternately, you can always call/chat with quicken.com/support for assistance!

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