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Monthly loan payments

Please see my Loom video
I have tried to get the 2/01 payment to the tractor loan and it exists in the checking account the same as all the other payments but it will not show up in tractor loan



  • Frankx
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    edited March 2021
    Hi @Marlene8431

    I took a look at the video and here's what I see:

    The three payments for December January and March seem to have gone through sort of okay.  The reason that there is a difference between the 12/1, 1/4, and 3/1 in the Tractor Loan account is that only the 3/1 payment was actually recorded correctly (with the interest amount being posted to "Interest Expense" and the balance of the payment to reduce the loan principal).  For the 12/1 and the 1/4 payments the whole payment amount has been posted to the loan account - when part of each of those 2 payments should have been posted to Interest Expense. So you'll need to adjust those 2 payments.

    As far as the 2/1 payment goes - while it seems to have been made I do note that the "Payee" column in the checking account register is different than for the other three - it is "Dll Finance Llc" - while the others are "Dll Finance Llc ***********-000".  I cannot tell whether that means it never got to the finance company, or not.  But since there is an entry in the bank account, there should also be a posting (or postings) that total 220.74 somewhere else in your Quicken accounts.  You should check the Interest Expense category and/or do a search for the total amount (220.74) or the principal & interest amounts if you know what they should be for that payment.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any followups. 


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  • Marlene8431
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    OK, thanks for replying so quickly. I will figure out the principle even though I mentioned interest in the video but the payment for 2/1 is not showing up in the tractor loan.
    Thank you!
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