How do I add a Tag in Invoices that will carry over with payment

I know that I can add a tag to the Category on an Invoice ccc/ttt, however, when you go to mark the invoice paid, and you look at the account it was paid to, no Tag is assigned. If you try to add one, it will tell you that you will loose the link to the Invoice and that the change should only be made in the invoice. The invoice has the tag and in the paid window it does not allow you to place a tag.


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    Hi @Jack,

    Just wondering what purpose you are using the "Tag" for. Or said another way, what information is the tag providing you, and specifically what item(s) or factors are you using the tags to track?  Is there something different about who/what might pay an invoice (which you've presumably already "tagged") that would make you want to change the tag on the sale transaction?  Just trying to understand so I can help with a workaround.

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    Quicken is used for our rentals as well as for my wife's business. Each rental has a tag and so does her business as well as our personal use and accounts. When sending out an invoice for her business, I use a category and attach a tag, no issue there. When a payment is received and you go into the invoice to receive it, you are asked what account you want it posted to, when it posts, it posts the category without the tag and if you try to add it will tell you that it will unlink from the invoice. I hope all this makes sense
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    When you create a Customer Invoice, do you use the "Business Tag" field in the New Customer Invoice dialog to associate the invoice with your wife's business?
    Individual line items in the invoice should be categorized to a Business Income category, Schedule C line item.
    AFAIK, once an invoice is tagged to the business, any payments received for a properly tagged customer invoice using the New Customer Payment dialog should not need to be tagged separately. Business income was recognized when you created the invoice.
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    Thank you for the reply. Yes, I do use the Business Tag field, but must be honest and say that I had set this up a while back and did not remember about it. I would guess that works, I just find it interesting that it does not appear on the payment line under tag once the payment has been posted to the appropriate account.
  • Hi, I had the same question. I have a 501c3 that has multiple programs. We separate each program with a tag. When I submit an invoice there is the potential for multiple programs to be on the same invoice. In the particular case I have at the moment, all invoice items are for the same program. I used the Business Tag for the specific program. The problem I see is that when I run the Cash Flows report the information is not showing for the correct category even though the invoice has been marked as paid. The only way I can show the actual income is if I modify the deposit, specifying the categories (again) and using the proper tag. As the previous gentleman said that negates the payment from the customer invoice. I'm not sure of any other way to get the income to show properly on the report. Thank you in advance for anyone that can help.
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