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Memorize Payees

When I memorize a payee I have to continue to memorize the payee each time. For instance Bank of American online- memorize payee- Catagory- Credit card Payment. Yet I have to each month it is uncategorized again?


  • gooddog50
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    edited March 22
    Hi @wadegraham
    You can go into Edit > Preferences > Data Entry and Quickfill > put a checkmark on "recall memorized Payees" and Automatically memorize new payees. That will ensure the new payees are generated,
    Then I go into Tools > Memorized Payee list > and check on Lock for the Payee set up I want to use repeatedly. 
    See attached screenshots for additional help.
    Let us know if this does the trick.
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  • SusieQ2
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    Back in the day, Quicken used to be able to use a key word that came in with a transaction to memorize the payee. My transactions change names each month, though they may always have the word "Jones" in them, for instance, if a payment is made to the Jones Boutique. For the month of May it might import as "5/6/21 Jones Boutique" and for another month it may import as 8/21/21 Jones Boutique Midlothian". Quicken can't seem to function when a key word for recognizing the transaction is needed, so it can be categorized automatically. Why is this so hard to make happen in Quicken?
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