Can't setup Quicken account for Directions Credit Union

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I cannot download transactions from Directions Credit Union since they unveiled their new site. Please advise. They claim it is a Quicken issue.


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    What happens when you try to download transactions ?  Which method ?
    A - Are you downloading from the website and then Importing into Quicken  ?
    B - Using Quicken One Step Update to download transactions ?
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    The unveiled a new web site. I attempt to re-enroll by setting up online services. Originally I was getting a CC-501 error. Now I get a message saying connection cannot be made do not call Directions.
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    I have contacted Directions multiple times. The say Quicken is working on a fix for this issue.
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    Have you tried this yet (if your bank recently changed their website or password requirements)?

    How to refresh financial institution information (Branding)

    Please read and follow instructions here:

    If that doesn't resolve the issue:

    • It is the bank's or biller's contractual obligation to notify their Quicken download service provider, Intuit, of any changes to their websites and download functions in a timely manner before the change is implemented. Intuit needs a sufficient amount of lead time to review, change and test their programs, to adapt to the changes the bank makes.
    • The bank also needs to notify their customers of this change and any actions that might be required by the customer to regain access.
    • If they didn't do that, complain to your bank's upper level management.
    • Also contact Quicken Support via Chat or Phone at  and report this Online Banking issue, so that Intuit Inc. can be notified of the issue.  Ultimately, however, the bank must work together with Intuit on solving this update issue.

    Please let us know if you were able to get this issue resolved (or not).

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    I cannot download from the institution because I cannot set up online services. The credit union tells me it is an issue with Quicken and they are working on it. The message also says "do not contact Directions Credit Union."
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    Issue is resoled.
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