What is the proper procedure when you cancel a stolen credit card and are issued a new one

Daniel Borowicz
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What is the proper procedure when you cancel a stolen credit card and are issued a new one?
Do you just change the account number in the account details? I want to preserve my transaction history Windows 10 Premier edition.
I have windows 11, Quicken deluxe subscription


  • The Merg
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    In the past, I have created a new account in Quicken as your bank should still have the old account there. I then do a transfer of the total of the charges/credits that are moved over from the old account to the new account so the new account has an Opening Balance. You might end up with a few charges that are listed on both accounts, so I just play around with the numbers a bit to see which of the duplicate charges to delete (either from the old account or the new account). It might take a little bit, but you should be able to get both accounts reconciled and the old account should end up with a $0 balance after the transfer.

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  • UKR
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    I had a similar situation recently.
    When, after reporting the lost card, I started getting errors during One Step Update, I reset the account in Quicken (Edit Account Details / Online Services tab / Reset Account button). As part of that process I got a popup window showing the list of accounts found at the bank. The only account showing was one with a new account number (e.g., ending in 2009). I selected to LINK this to my old (ending in 1001) account. This reactivated the account register without creating any duplicate transactions.
    A few days later, when the new card arrived in the mail, I edited the account register name from "XYZ ... 1001" to "XYZ ... 2009" and put a note in the Comments box (Edit Account details / Global tab) about the new card number.
    If you have scheduled reminders to pay the credit card or if you have authorized billers to charge this credit card account, be sure to review each of these and update the account number before the next payment is due. 
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