What are the requierements for a password in Quicken?

How long, how short? What characters are allowed, not allowed?
I tried changing my password and all I got was a "try again or contact us" response. At least on the web page I can paste a strong password in (1PAssword) - within the product, you can't paste in a password! My password generator is using 26 characters including digits, symbols and ambiguous characters.


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    Here's a quick link to the password set up and requirements for Quicken:
    In brief: The password requirements are:
    • 8 character minimum.
    • Must contain one lower case letter and one capital letter.
    • Must contain at least one number.
    • Special characters are allowed but not required. 
    Let us know if you need more.

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  • Steve Woodward
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    Sure not getting a lot of help from this screen. It would be nice to know if only some special characters are allowed? I am getting this message from here: https://myaccount.quicken.com/main - My Account/Sign in and Security, Change password.

    I went ahead and did the forgot password thing and it allowed me to make the change.
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